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  vonavi e5ce475eda New tournament 'Fallen Leaves' added. 5 years ago
  vonavi 8a58f755bc Add a post about Magian vs. iVS. 5 years ago
  vonavi c890d8bdf8 Update the current tournament and change 'http -> https' for linux.org.ru. 6 years ago
  vonavi 0adf239c3d Start new tournament 'Summertime'. 6 years ago
  vonavi 8cc55766d1 Tournament 'Tabiyas': new tabiya 'Hedgehog System'. 6 years ago
  vonavi 2eacb85b7a Tournament 'Tabiyas': fix the PGN gamepacks. 6 years ago
  vonavi b07c34d3c3 Tournament 'Tabiyas': new tabiya 'Marshall Counter-Attack'. 6 years ago
  vonavi 263133271e Tournament 'Tabiyas': add FEN diagrams of the tabiyas. 6 years ago
  vonavi b8207da1ad Tournament 'Tabiyas': new tabiya 'Nimzo-Indian Defense. Huebner Variation'. 6 years ago
  vonavi adf45cae57 Tournament 'Tabiyas': new tabiya 'Caro-Kann. Exchange Variation'. 6 years ago
  vonavi 4a46ec418c Tournament 'Tabiyas': use definition lists for the links to tabiyas. 6 years ago
  vonavi 74c05b4f45 Tournament 'Tabiyas': use additional capabilities of Kramdown. 6 years ago
  vonavi 6f208083fe Saemisch Variation: slight improvements. 6 years ago
  vonavi 7a97b946d9 Improve the description of Saemisch Variation. 6 years ago
  vonavi a60de3b7bc Tournament 'Tabiyas': new tabiya 'Saemisch Variation'. 6 years ago
  vonavi 5e7795b76e Tournament 'Tabiyas': new tabiya 'The Benko gambit'. 6 years ago
  vonavi db450225ea Tournament 'Tabiyas': add the tournament table. 6 years ago
  vonavi aac2f4654f Karlsbad pawn structure: link to the chess game set. 6 years ago
  vonavi fd1e109491 Add tabiya 'Karlsbad pawn structure'. 6 years ago
  vonavi 3d1b8d7a7c Add the second tabiya "Winawer Variation". 6 years ago
  vonavi 6f7f63cfb3 Add the first tabiya "Evans Gambit". 6 years ago
  vonavi 25c75052bf Add 'index.html' for the web-site, reviews and the current tournament. 6 years ago